About the Author

I was born in Atlanta Georgia to a pair of nerds trying to scrape together a living in this crazy mixed up world. My mother and father spoon-fed me the ideals they had had to come up with on their own: tolerance, moderation, humanism, and a love of knowledge. I got beat up a lot in grade school.
My family moved far north and even farther west, ending up in the Pacific Northwest in the shadow of Seattle. I tried drawing. I sucked. So I went with engineering. If you don't know what to do with yourself, try engineering. It's fun, it's lucrative, and you don't have to screw anybody to make your money.
The summer after every "big name" college in the country turned me down, I practiced drawing, and got better. Thanks to my first contact with the internet (My family didn't get online until the advent of FreeI.net, circa 1998), I'd discovered Sabrina Online and a very important part of me: Furry Fandom.
It might seem odd to say that Furry Fandom is an important part of me, but it is. You know how gay Rick is? I'm that furry. I was furry all my life; I just didn't know it. I had obsessed over The Secret of NIMH, Disney's Robin Hood, and anything Warner Bros. or Disney would chuck my way from the age of about nine.
I got into the University of Washington after I cleared community college, studying Electrical Engineering. Umlaut House grew into a minor obsession, right along the others. Eventually, I got to graduate school and things got so hectic I couldn't really find my ass with both hands. Fortunately, this didn't stop me from getting my Master's Thesis done, and I am now employed at Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon.
It is a good job. The people here are almost as insane as I am. The pay is good, and so is the engineering.
And most important of all, I now get 48 hours a week of pure guilt-free time off to spend on my projects, which I hope will include lots, and lots of comics.