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Volair Enricho Lee
Species: Fox
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Sociology
Remarks: Volair is flamboyant, flippant, irreverent, and quite quite mad. His personal life defies description.
Kinsey: 3.0
Saundra Marie Bifrost
Species: Panda (1/4 Polar Bear)
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
Remarks: Saundra is an electronics wonk. She is highly skilled at putting stuff together that works, but she struggles with electronics theory when it is taught "the way it is taught." She takes great pride in her Volkswagon Beetle, which is the most modified car of any kind on the planet.
Kinsey: 1.3
Jacob Alexander Miller
Species: Squirrel. Beefy Squirrel. Why are you looking at me like that?
Major: BS: Computer Science
Remarks: Jake is computer systems analyst. He is muscular and athletic looking, but not in as good shape as he appears. Although he is usually calm and easy going, he is easily thrown off balance, and often has trouble adapting to rapid changes in his environment.
Kinsey: 3.5 (and rising)
Liz "The One Woman Psychiatric Ward" Parker
Species: Finch
Major: Psychology
Remarks: Elizabeth is wise and insightful, but insensitive and needlessly blunt at times.
Kinsey: 0.5
Rick Hundecoph
Species: Bloodhound (I'll explain the ears later)
Major: BSEE, BS: Chemistry, Ph.D: Biochemistry, Ph.D: Robotics, Ph.D: Cybernetics
Remarks: Rick is older than he looks, and much better educated. He is also prone to affecting a british accent, even though he's only lived in the UK for a sum total of three months.
Kinsey: 5.8
Amanda Cartright
Species: Skunk
Major: Mathematics
Remarks: Quite possibly crazier than Volair. Definitely more capable of hiding herself amongst "normal" people. She once did a proof that sent four professors running screaming out of the math building frantically trying to catch invisible purple flamingos.
Kinsey: 3.2
Calvin Gauss
Species: Mouse
Major: EE/CS
Remarks: Calvin is a geek. Big time. He wears a heads-up display at all times, (except for showers and sleeping) and can often be seen typing into thin air using his keyboard "rings". Intelligent, quick-witted, and generally pleasant. Forms emotional attractions strictly on an intellectual basis. To wit: it doesn't matter if you look like Brooke Shields or the Swamp Thing, if you're a lady who knows calculus, he's -all- yours.
Kinsey: 0.3