Fan Art! Huzzah!

Talbon, the artist of PDI drew this picture of Volair. Looks like he didn't take no for an answer back in January...

Shannon C, a good friend from Evergeen, sent me this nearly tasteful picture. It's an old joke, but I never get tired of it.

Let's hear it for Chris! Talk about homophobia. Good think LG doesn't know there's an overly amorous bisexual fox nearby!

Why, Falen, I'm... touched... At once cute and disturbing. To wit: perfect.

Once again, a picture from Shannon, celebrating Umlaut House's first anniversary. You rule, Shannon.

TwoDifferentSox brings us Saundra wearing nothing but a -cough- teddy.

Thanks to TwoDifferentSox, we've got an animation! Huzzah!

Aaaaaaaaaand what fanart section would be complete without a guest strip? Nice work, Alfy!

PhyrByrd Sent this beauty in. Isn't it just gorgeous?

PhyrByrd strikes again! This one is truly beautiful because it captures Rick's struggle. Rick is really a much more serious character than he seems to be sometimes.

This very cool pic was sent in by Equis.

Picture by Nena, body by bowflex. (Actually, knowing Volair, it's more like body by anybody who'll help out, if you know what I mean.)

Cute look at Volair from Mark. (Hard to make out the signature; I should REALLY get more on top of this gallery.

Yay! This picture just gives me all sorts of warm feelings inside.

This -ahem- self-insertion fiction is from Randy Gardner.

Gender-swappy goodness! Looks like Sandy got the short end of the stick here.