Volair's Links


If you don't know about Sabrina Online yet, drop everything and read through the archives right now. You won't regret it.

Psychic Dyslexia Institute

Think x-men meets mystery men, then add fur. And the occasional dash of nudity!

Dela the Hooda

Okay, there are obscure literary references, the drawings are a bit odd, but every now and then there's a joke that makes it all worth while.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic

The title says it all. My god, it's utterly awful. To wit: perfect.

Latex BLUE

Latex blue is unnerving at first, then disturbing, then endearing, then unnerving again. Enter a universe where slavery is freedom, pain is pleasure, and having your head disconnected from your body is a major inconvenience, but otherwise okay.

HOMni comic index

This is a list of links to gay/lesbian themed comic strips. They gave me a link, so I'm returning the favor. I discovered Adam and Andy here, so there ARE good sites to be found.

The Suburban Jungle

Tiffany is hot. Drezzer is hot. Leonard is hot. My god, everyone in this strip is hot. Whoooo!

Badly Drawn Kitties

Yup, Lucy can party. This strip reminds me of my life, except with more lesbianism.

The Vixen Controlled Library

There are no filters. There are no censors. This is artwork in its purest form, which almost as often as not turns out to be pornography.

Saundra's Links


The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasedena, THE control center for unmaned operations in outer space. Lets face it, the only cool stuff is unmaned these days.

Bob and George

I usually don't like sprite comics, but anyone who's played through or even read the walkthroughs for MegaMan needs to read this comic.


I can identify with Florence. A noble engineer trapped in a space ship with a handfull of incompetants.

Jackie's Fridge

That poor Jackie. I know what it's like to have household appliances that won't shut up. But at least Leonard can't spit ice cubes at me.

Wapsi Square

The artwork is fun and I can relate to the characters, even though none of them could solder their way out of a paper bag.

The Class Menagerie

Those darn non-EE majors. They're so wacky!

Rick's Links

Sluggy Freelance

Ah yes, the immortal Bun-Bun. Truly a badass of the first degree.


Trapping people in a comic universe wouldn't be my strategy, but one must rely on one's own strengths.

Straight Ahead

There are three basic concepts in literature: man vs. man, man vs. nature, and man vs. the fact that he is gay. I leave the reader to take his own guess at which one this comic is about.


To put it simply, this comic is horrible. It's characters are alternately violent, trecherous, lecherous, corrupt, and abusers of illegal substances. I find all of the characters utterly despicable. And yet I cannot look away.


Mars Global Surveyor: I'm taking over Mars! ... Whoops. I wasn't going to do that any more, was I?

Canadian Global Conquest!

One DOES have to keep an eye on the competition, doesn't one?


See above comment.

Jake's Links

Kevin and Kell

Kevin and Kell are so cute and romantic!

Ozy and Millie

At first, I thought, "Oh how cute!", but then I started realizing how much those kids remind me of Volair and Saundra and I had to hide under a table for a few hours.

A Doemain of our own

I hope me and Rick are this happy some day. And there's kitties!

Tales of the Questor

This is a beautiful and touching story about facing your fears and capturing your dreams. It's made me cry at least five times, but every other page has had me either laughing hysterically or jumping up and down with glee. It's also really, really, really cute.

Rose is Rose

Okay, so I like cute comics. There's nothing wrong with that! Quit laughing at me!


Helen Narbon reminds me of Rick. To the point where it's scary. I just hope I don't accidentially scream her name out some night.

Diesel Sweeties

It's funny because she's an ex-porno actress, and he's a robot. No, really, a robot. Like those big, metal clunky ones you see in fifties sci-fi. Awesome!

Adam and Andy

Oh, my, god, those guys are so hot! I.. Uh... Oh *blushes fetchingly*

Amanda's Links

Fur Will Fly

The story of a "human" who gets dragged out of his home universe where "humans" are the only sentient species. Weird. More humor relating to being hopelessly out of place and surrounded by madness. Am I developing a complex or something? Hmm. Better get that looked at.

Unicorn Jelly

You've probably already heard of this one. You may even have read the first five strips and dismissed it as annoying and weak. Keep. Reading. You will not be dissappointed.

The Makeshift Miracle

There are no two ways about it, MakeShift Miracle is just beautiful. Every episode could be framed and hung up on a wall. And it's very meta. Meta is good.

Tonja Steele

Tonja Steele is a very cool banter-driven comic. Try to imagine a crude, muscular female cop raising an adopted daughter. When you stop jibbering, read Tonja Steele!

Killroy and Tina

He's a blood-thirsty, mass-murdering interdimensional tyrant, she's a thirteen year old girl! They fight crime!
(Actually, they fight each other, because the powers that be have decreed that she be just as powerful as him!)


Another fantasy strip. This one takes place in a magic school! Reminds me of the Myth series. And Johan is totally hot, despite being totally incompetant.

Buster Wilde: Weerwolf

Imagine that you are a werewolf. Now imagine that, instead of changing once a month, you change every day. Your life is a wreck, because you spend eight hours at work, eight hours asleep, and eight hours as a fricking werewolf. Now imagine that that werewolf spends all its time in gay bars.